Safety and Waterpark Rules

At Burhani Recreational Park, we know that a water park is only as fun as it is safe. The following rules are to help ensure the safety of our guests as well as the park staff. Please follow posted rules so everyone may enjoy a fun and safe day. BRP reserves the right to deny access to its facilities to individuals who refuse to obey rules or personnel. At BRP Safety is a shared responsibility.


Please adhere to lifeguard and staff instructions at all times.
Swim attire with rivets, buckles or exposed metal is not permitted on some attractions.

No outside food or drink is allowed inside the park.
No running, diving, or horseplay.
Individual management/faculty/chaperones are required to help maintain a certain level of control within their groups.
The destruction of property or infringement on another person’s enjoyment will not be tolerated.
Ride specific rules are located near each attraction. Some have certain age/height requirements.
Smoking is not permitted.
Diaper age children must wear plastic pants or swim diapers.
Tubes are free and located near attraction. Please do not drag tubes around the park.
Sunscreen and slippers are recommended on sunny days
Outside tubes or flotation toys are not allowed.